President's Block


It's been our tradition to make each year's outgoing president a quilt block of their choice.

This time it's jack-o-lanterns for Marjorie!

Marjorie doesn't care what kind of pumpkin you make, applique, pieced, paper pieced, or a combination. But she wants a face on all of them!

All blocks should be nine inches high, (that's 9½ unfinished) but she doesn't care how wide they are.

Tall skinny pumpkins, short fat pumpkins, it's all good. She also wants different expressions on the pumpkins, happy, sad, scary, etc.

She wants dark blue or dark gray for the background, a green stem, and orange pumpkins with black for the face bits.

She would like people to put their autograph on the stem.

One way to make a pumpkin would be to cut a 7½ square of orange fabric, sew four 'sew and flip' corners on it, then add a stem that will make the block at least 9½ inches high. Then applique a face made of triangles and a mouth.

The stem strip for a block 7½ square would need to be 2½ inches tall by 7½ inches long. Look at the paper piece pdf, page 2, for a pattern.

The pumpkin to the left is a paper pieced pattern I designed for this. The nose strip can be flipped, if you'd like. The pattern is below.

Here's the link to the paper pieced block:

Foundation Pieced Pumpkin

Remember to set scaling to 'none' so your page prints the correct size.

And here's what Marjorie's quilt might look like with a variety of pumpkins.

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