President's Block


It's been our tradition to make each year's outgoing president a quilt block of their choice.

Sue wants tulips!

The blocks will be 6½ inches square, unfinished.

She'd like you to sign your block on the stem, please!

We'll start collecting them at the June meeting.

Make the background fabric a light shade of blue. Sky blue, baby blue, aqua blue, cloud blue, but something pale-ish.

Make the stem any shade of green but remember, you've got to sign your name to it.

Make your flower petals from any three fabrics you wish except light blue or green. :) They can be three fabrics of the same color (like three purples) or three completely different fabrics. Your choice.

Here's a link to the paper piecing page:

And here's what a quilt with several of these tulip blocks in different colors might look like.

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