Uncommon Threads quilt guild was started in 1995 to bring together people who share a common interest in quilting. Now, we're happy to be celebrating our 10th year as a guild!

The guild was an idea of about 6 to 12 quilters who met on a regular basis in each others’ homes about once a month. It was fun, with mostly new quilters present. The original organizers were Jan Winters (first guild President), Barbara Rose (Treasurer) and Laura Casey as program chair. Suzanne Fischer was also involved.

There weren't many guidelines, so the organizers called a few quilters they knew in the area, along with the state guild in East Tennessee, who wanted $5.00 (or was it $15.00?) from each member so we would be part of the larger state guild, and would send us their booklet listing all of the guilds in the state.
At that time few guilds existed in the western part of the state…none in Jackson, TN and none close to the Mississippi or Arkansas line. The first meeting place was provided by Nancy Murray, who reserved the community room at the library in Bartlett.
The first meeting was at 7 p.m., with Jan, Barbara and Laura rushing from work. Would they be the only ones to show up? Well, “Katie bar the door!” - they were at overflow capacity, and running out of chairs.
It was wonderful as each person went around the room and introduced herself with show and tell. The first night the name was chosen, Uncommon Threads it was to be, with the only other name being considered, Common Threads… which would have served well, too. That was about it for the first night besides recording names, addresses and taking in $20.00 from each one for the dues.
Program….what program? In those days everyone was so happy just to have a place to quilt and talk, that programs were far and few between. Until a friend said to Laura… “They’re not going to come back after awhile if you don’t have a program…” Wonder what she could get? Who she could get? Which is how she met Arlene Abernathy.

Arlene was new in her business “The Quilters Elf” and hadn’t joined the guild. Laura stopped at her home one day and convinced her that she needed to be a speaker at the next meeting and join the guild. Arlene has since been an active member and Laura's roommate at every retreat they've attended.

Camille Vlasak volunteered to get the next speaker, the curator from the Pink Palace Museum. But for the most part, the speakers were guild members who taught something they learned at a class or brought pictures of a recent quilt show, etc. It was slim pickings at the time, paying to have a speaker was foreign territory.
Kathryn Donley hatched the idea of a quilters’ retreat which the guild underwrote and which has become one of the best events of the year.
Thread Lines, our newsletter, was a great name with a slim history. Some issues were only one page long, just listing the next meeting, new members and who was bringing the cookies. We hadn’t heard of Microsoft Publisher until Leigh Ann Enman moved to town and showed us the way. Many changes have occurred since then, new officers, different locations, enough money to organize and hire speakers and our annual retreat to look forward to. So as they say: The rest is history!

Our Purpose

  • We hope to provide an environment where all members and visitors are welcomed and receive encouragement in their quiltmaking efforts regardless of experience level.
  • We also want to provide members the opportunities to learn new quiltmaking techniques, to further develop their quilting skills, and to increase their knowledge of quilt-related topics.
  • We try to promote the appreciation of quilts and perpetuate the art of quiltmaking through the support and sponsorship of quiltmaking activities.
  • Finally, we want to be able to make a contribution to our communities. We strive to encourage and actively promote the highest ethics in all quilt-related activities.
All of the quilt blocks used on this page were designed, drawn, and colored by Sandy Call, using Electric Quilt software. Thanks, Sandy!

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