September 2014


How about a super simple block this month, to give people (including me) the chance to catch up if they're behind a bit?

The quilt has two different sizes of flying geese, a large version on the upper left corner, and a smaller but longer block along the left side.


What color will you make YOUR geese?

The big geese make a 12 x 6 block. I've made a paper piecing page for them. You'll have to print two page


Please remember when you print both the pdf above and below that you set page scaling to none, or UNCHECK fit to page, however your computer offers that choice.


The small geese make a 3 x 24 block. There's a paper piecing page for them too, and you'll need to print two copies of the one page.


Remember, I'm going to assume that people attempting this block of the month project already know how to paper piece.

If not, or you want to review before starting, click on the link to go to Quilter's Cache, Marcia Hohn has some GREAT instructions on paper piecing.

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