September 2010

Woven Star

Here's a simple block for the month of September.

I suggest four different fabrics against your background fabric for this one.

Note how the same fabric is used twice in the block to make it look like there's four strips, woven, to form the star.

I'm paper piecing the six inch finished block, but also giving you the option of either paper piecing or rotary cutting your 12 inch version. Here's the link to the page with the paper pattern for the 6 inch star:

And here's the link to the 12 inch paper piece pattern:

Don't forget, when printing your quilt patterns from any .pdf files, you need to click 'NONE' so you don't scale your printing!

I got all the pieces for the 6 inch version on one page, but you'll have to print 4 of the 12 inch page.

For the 12 inch finished block, you can also opt to rotary cut your pieces.

Use the patch sizes in the chart to the right.

I took a pen and wrote on my paper where I wanted each color so I wouldn't goof up.

Then I cut my paper and fabric out and put the fabric colors I needed under each paper.

Look at the letters on the paper pattern for what order to sew the fabric on the paper.

Then, sew your four paper pieced patches together to complete your block.

Finally, press and trim to 6½ or 12½ inches.

Here's mine!

What will YOUR woven star block look like?

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