September 2008

It's September already, and as promised, the block of the month is one designed especially for us on EQ6 by Sandy C.

Here's Sandy's Star, the block you saw at the end of the EQ demonstration. Make the background solid black, the star points any bright solid.

If you have the quilt program EQ6, you can email Jane or Sandy and we'll send you the project file. I'm working on linking it here, but if it's not up yet, just email one of us. :)

This is ¼ of Sandy's Star block. Note that half of this block is a 'plain old' half square triangle.

For making sharp precise points, I paper pieced my blocks. Quilter's Cache has a GREAT free tutorial on paper piecing, for those of you who'd like a reminder:

Paper Piecing Lesson

The top and right side of the square to your left (without seam allowances) will be 4 inches. If you print from your computer, make sure each quarter block measures accurately, some printers are funny.

With seam allowances, each block should measure 4½ square.

I 'm making a gold and black star. First I like to trim my paper squares (you'll need four) then cut the fabric I'll need, with plenty to spare. After way too many sessions with my seam ripper, now I just cut extra large.

I realize this is an awful picture, but it shows how I begin paper piecing, with a bright lightbulb!

If you look close, you can see the paper, then my gold fabric, and the black fabric behind both of those.

I drew a blue line to show you the seam line.

I hold it all up to the light, lines on the paper TOWARD me, fabric on the plain side, and make sure I have a ¼ seam before I sew.


You saw in the meeting what Sandy's layouts for a quilt using these blocks might be, and here's one of mine!

This design uses all brights and black like we're making, then I surrounded the 8 inch finished blocks with a border of teeny 4 inch stars.

And for those of you who prefer templates to paper piecing, I've tried to save the templates to a pdf page. I'm not at all sure they're going to print the right size, though!

Please measure and make sure that half square triangle template is 4 inches across AND 4 inches down... or 4½ x 4½ if you're counting the seam allowances.


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