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Remember, our Round Ostrich allows you to bury your head in the sand and skip one round of the six, if you choose.

Of course, we know that an ostrich doesn't really bury it's head. Wikipedia says "the myth may have resulted from the fact that, from a distance, when ostriches feed they appear to be burying their head in the sand because they deliberately swallow sand and pebbles to help grind up their food."

September 2006 (Rounds C and D)

Round C

You must add at least one triangle to your quilt. You may add anywhere from 1 to 1000 triangles! The triangle can be appliqued on, or pieced in a border, or a 3-D embellishment.

You could add 4 big triangles, and set what you've done so far on point ... OR you could applique 1 freeform triangle as the wing of a bird or butterfly. You could select a block with a bunch of triangles and repeat that around your quilt... or only down one side. Here's some ideas:

Flowers with triangle petals, butterflies with triangle wings

A row of dogtooth triangles

Triangles to set squares on point

Triangles to set diamonds

Half square sawtooth triangles, flying geese, triangle zig-zags

Blocks from EQ5 that are made from mostly triangles.

Round D

You must add at least one square to your quilt. You may add anywhere from 1 to 1000 squares! Like the triangle, it can be appliqued on, or pieced in a border, or a 3-D embellishment. We can also tilt our heads and see a diamond as a square-on-point. Here's some square ideas:

You could set them on point... make diamonds

Make 4-patch or 9-patch blocks, for a checkerboard

Applique a square vase, or anything in a square, like the bud or Sunbonnet Sue, or beside a square, like the bear with block, or with a square window, like the train.

Do something Celtic, like the blocks to the right of Sue.

OR use a pieced block with a square in a square, or starting with a square like a log cabin or pineapple block.

Note that some of these ideas satisfy both rounds. You don't have to add a round with nothing but triangles and another round with nothing but squares. You could combine them.

Round C says use at least one triangle.

Round D says use at least one square.

It's up to YOU how you add them and what sizes to make them. Hey! Even sewing on a little square button could count as your square!

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