September 2010

Cowboy Star

Here's your block for the month of October!

This block has several names, including Arkansas Snowflake, but Cowboy Star is the name I liked best. ;)

You can also do every fabric scrappy against your background, like my yellow with blues example, or only two colors against your background, like the brown/green coloring.

I'm paper piecing the six inch finished block, but also giving you the option of either paper piecing or using templates OR rotary cutting your 12 inch version. Here's the links to the pages with the paper pattern for the 6 inch star:

And here's the link to the 12 inch paper piece pattern:

Don't forget, when printing your quilt patterns from any .pdf files, you need to click 'NONE' so you don't scale your printing!

Here's a .pdf link to templates to make the 12 inch block.

To go with those triangles on the template page, you'll also need four 4½ inch squares of your background color, for your corners, piece A on the diagram below.

Like last month's block, I took a pen and wrote on my paper where I wanted each color so I wouldn't goof up.

EQ prints a key block with letters on each piece. This is useful for both templates and rotary cutting your pieces.

Here's rotary cutting sizes for the background color fabric pieces.

Please note that you need right and left side triangles to go on either side of your star points.

Below is the rotary cutting instructions for the star points and center.

Note that for the center, you're cutting one square, then cutting it twice diagonally, making 4 triangles from each color, but you only use one. Sometimes EQ's instructions make more sense if you're cutting out enough blocks for a whole quilt.

Just making one block, I'd rather use the templates for the center and star points because you waste less fabric. Just watch your grain line, so you have less bias along the edge of your block.


Here's mine in the midst of being paper pieced.

Note that I changed my mind on the coloring of the center. Instead of having the matching color center triangle touch the same color fabric in the star point, I decided to alternate them, so I didn't get as much of the 'kite' effect. Just a personal preference. Mine is going to be scrappy pastels, and I thought this emphasized the scrappiness.

But if you scroll back up and look at the brown/green color version above, the kite shape looks neat with two colors. And if you had red and blue bandanna print fabric, on faded blue background, wouldn't that make a pretty themed cowboy look?

What will YOUR cowboy star block look like?

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