OCTOBER - Rounds E and F
For E, our fifth round, expand, embroider, or echo some element in your quilt.
Pick one of these suggestions or come up with your own!
  • You can echo or expand on your motif or quote from the center of the block. If my quote had been “You are the apple of my eye,” and I’d used apples in the center block, maybe some more appliquéd apples would look cute in this echo round, or apple cores, or apple fabric. Or add in something from the rest of the quote, fabric with eyes, maybe?
  • Embroider or embellish something. You could even use some of the pretty stitches on your machine. Put your quote going around in a border if you choose.
  • You can echo or expand from your B round – add more of your fabric that begins with B or has B items on it. Or if your B round was beach items, echo it with watery looking fabric or seashells.
  • Echo your triangles or squares from rounds C or D. Another set of triangles in a different color? Set them on point? Make them expand; skinnier, shorter, larger?
  • Echo any of your previous fabric choices. If a fabric started out in your center block, maybe it’s time to use it again.

Round F

F is for Finishing, Favorites, and Farewell!

Add one more final round to finish your ostrich. Stand back from it and decide if it feels like it needs another border, more of a certain color, or a finishing trim. Some fine fringe? A little trapunto filling? Some fancy fans? Fabric painting, photos? What does it need to be a finished top?

Do you have a favorite block that would be a perfect finale as a pieced border? Do you want to festoon it with some appliqued ferns or feathers?

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