November 2010

Lemoyne Star

Here's a traditional LeMoyne star - can't have a star collection without one of these! EQ has several different versions, I picked this one because it doesn't have the set-in squares that so many of them do. I also like the radiant look the two-colored background gives it.

Your f irst option is to print the pages to paper piece. This is how I chose to do my little pastel six inch version:

Remember, before you print, select NO SCALING on your pdf print box.

If you don't like to paper piece, my other choice would be to use templates to cut the sizes of triangles and diamonds you'll need. Here's the twelve inch block templates:

I cut out my fabric diamonds and triangles first.

Before I started sewing, I wrote on the paper which pieces would be orange and white, and which blue and yellow so I didn't make any the wrong color.

I put the diamond on first, then added the big triangle, then the little triangle.

Last I trimmed the fabric to the size of the paper.

Next, I paired them up, blue and orange, and sewed two triangle units together to make a square. I don't often pin, but I did these, to match those seams.

When I had my four squares done, I pinned again, and sewed two squares together to make a half.

I leave the paper on for these steps, but I remove the quarter inch strip of paper on that inside seam after I sew it so the seams are flat.

Done. :)

Except for taking the paper off, and that won't take very long.

What will YOUR Lemoyne Star look like?

One more star to go in our block of the month star series, are you all caught up with us?

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