November 2009

Choose your 9-patch

First I picked the nine patch chain above, thinking it'd make a different look than the other blocks, as it looped across our quilts.

Then below I recolored a version of it on a blue background. It reminds you of that long ribbon they use in rhythmic gymnastics, doesn't it?

But I really liked some of the other rows I'd been playing with... did you notice the spool block is on the layout of every row quilt on the intro page? And when I found the Two-by-Three block, and thought how neat it'd look, like steps going across the quilt, I almost switched to that one... and SO easy to make too.

I found Contrary Wife when I was searching for interesting 9-patches in BlockBase and EQ, and if you made the yellow squares go diagonally up, then back down in alternating blocks, that'd be nice in a horizontal row quilt also...

And the 9-patch star is so pretty. Isn't that also called Ohio Star sometimes? ... and I love the Monkey Wrench and Maple Leaf blocks, I always have. So I just couldn't decide.

Since the cutting directions for these blocks are the same, I decided to give you the sizes for ALL of them, and let YOU decide.

You can go with the original 10th row at the top of the page, the 9-patch ribbon.... Or you can choose blocks from the assortment above, and do them in your colors. Do one block all the way across, or alternate blocks. Rotate some, if you wish.

  • If you're making a 36 inch wide quilt, you might need six blocks.
  • If you're making a 60 inch wide quilt, you might need ten blocks.
  • If you're making a 72 inch wide quilt, you might need twelve blocks.
Some of the blocks might look better if the edges don't touch, like the 9-Patch Star or the Spools. You might want to have some spools laying down, others standing up. You could space them out with sashing between them, as I show below with the Card Tricks block. For a 60 inch quilt, I would make 8 blocks:

All of the 9-patch blocks above are made with some combination of the 4 units on the left. Before you sew your 9 patches together, measure and make sure the pieced bits all measure exactly 2½ square, just the same as the solid squares.

I went and printed half square triangle paper for mine, I'd much prefer to do them that way.

HST paper - triangles finishing at 2"

If you want a refresher on quarter square triangles, go back to the very first row we did, remember them?

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