May 2010

Maverick Star

Here'sthe simple Maverick Star for May. I think it may actually be one of Gwen Marston's ideas, but I saw it first on Bonnie Hunter's site.

You can make your version scrappy, like mine on the left, or color controlled, your choice! You also get a choice as to the block in the center of the nine-patch. It can be a solid square, or pieced as mine are.

In the little pastel six inch version, I made a 2½ quarter-square triangle. In the green and brown 12 inch version, I used an old 9-patch for the center, but it was too small, so I added a half-inch brown trim on all sides. A four-patch would be another simple option.

First, get your pieces ready.

For the 12 inch size, you'll need a 4½ center square, either solid or a pieced block, and eight 4½ background squares (where I have white.)

You'll need scraps for your star points. I'm using eight different green fabrics for my green/brown one.

For the six inch block, you'll need 2½ background squares, and a 2½ center square.

Like in the picture to the left, we're adding two right triangles to each side of four of our white squares.

Maverick means you shouldn't be precise! Part of the charm of these blocks is the wonkiness. Some star points should be tall and skinny, some should be short and wide. My green triangles are all different heights and widths.

Cut a scrap that will be big enough to cover the corner. It should start a quarter to half an inch or so from the top right corner to a bit more than halfway on the bottom edge.
Stitch it on, right sides together, like in the picture above, then flip your point right side up on the seam line, and press.

Turn the whole thing over to the back, and trim off any excess that extends past the white square. If you have a square ruler, this is a good place to use it. Make sure the block stays 4½ square, or 2½ square if you're making the six inch version.

Now trim off the white triangle that extends past the seam allowance. It's like a cut-and-flip corner, kinda. Do the same for the left side triangle.

Then make four of them.

Next, lay out your squares. You should have four solid corner patches, four patches with star points, and one middle square, possibly pieced.

Last, sew your nine patches together, and you're done!.

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