May 2007

Split 9 Patch

Here's a trick with 9 patch blocks that will work great as block of the month. We'll trade these, so everyone goes home with as many as they came with.

Start by cutting nine 4 inch squares for your block. Choose a black or mostly black for the center, four lighter squares for the middles, and four darker squares for the corners.

Bring anywhere from 1 to 4 of these blocks to swap. (They'll be cut up into four pieces each, so you'll have 4 - 16 bits to trade.)

First, use the 4 inch squares to make your 9 patch blocks. I usually sew them together in three strips, then join the strips to make the block.

When the block's done, press and trim, if needed. It should measure 11 inches square when it's all sewn together.

With what we're doing, I think it's ok if the 4 dark corners are different fabrics, but I personally like the lights to be the same fabric. You'll see why further down the page.

Cut your block in half both vertically and horizontally, to make 4 pieces. The black center square now becomes the cornerstones, and the lighter middle squares become sashing. Keeping the center squares all one fabric means the sashing is the same on both sides of the dark square. I don't know why, but I just prefer them that way... :)

Here's one I'm making from the fabrics I showed at the meeting. I used 15 of these 9 patch bits. It's going to be a quilted counter-protector, to put under hot buffet items when the family gathers for holidays. OR, a coffee table runner.

The ones we're making with the black cornerstones should have neat layouts too.

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