Block of the Month

May 2006

Strip and Twist with us this month!

You may remember a couple of lovely quilts, shown at the April Sew and Tell, that individual members made from the free instructions on the website You'll be happy to see that for this month's Block of the Month, we're ALL heading to Quiltville!

Go to the April Sew and Tell page and take another look at Carol R.'s Delectable Mountain lap quilt, and Sandy C.'s Pineapple Blossom quilt. They're both from Bonnie's site. I e-mailed Bonnie and asked permission to link to her site, for instructions to make her Strip Twist block, and she was kind enough to let us. Thanks, Bonnie!

Go there now and read her instructions:

Strip Twist Instructions

To make one block, you'll need eight 2½ inch strips of fabric, at least 18 inches long. Four of them need to be darks, and 4 of them lights. No restrictions on fabric this time, just scrappy, and 100% cotton.
DON'T SEW your 4 quarters together!

Each block is made from 4 block quarters. Let's NOT sew our 4 quarters together - in a scrappy quilt, it'll be more fun to mix and spread out the colors. The lucky winner will have fun arranging them in a layout she likes!

Looking at the sample block I made, (below left) you'll see green and gray combo in the middle - that's because that block was made from the same 8 strips of fabric. If I take some of the other quarters I make from the strip sets waiting on the right, then the block will be more scrappy and your eye won't be drawn to the repeat pattern the identical fabrics make.

Here's what I've done so far, one block and a bunch of strip sets. I need to iron them, then cut them according to Bonnie's instructions.

The decorative little bits of dried orange peel are my version of cat repellant. My two HATE the citrus odor. I can't even smell it.


I'm not going to be bringing all these to trade, I plan to make a quilt top from them! This is a big block, all 4 quarters finish at close to 16 inches, so this pattern makes a quick and easy quilt!

Also, don't forget to check out the rest of Bonnie's site, she's got some great ways to use up your stash and make some scrappy quilts:

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