March 2010

Rising Star Block

Here's the Rising Star block for March! You can make this block in either 6 inches finished or 12 inches finished.

If you're making the 12 inch size, you can choose to have the middle of the block solid (left) or put a star there (right.)

Start with the center of the block. If you're making the 12 inch with a solid center, simply cut a 3½ inch square. If you're making the 6 inch block, or the 12 inch with the small star middle, I'd suggest paper piecing that little 3½ inch star.

Here's the .pdf paper piecing pattern for the small center star AND the row around it.

If you're making the center small star, cut out the paper pieces C, D, E, and H.

Like I did in the picture on the left, cut your fabric larger than you think you need. I hate wasting fabric, but when you think about it, you'd only be shaving off a few slivers, you're not wasting inches.



Below is my green/brown center star. Make sure before you go any further, that this measures 3½ inches square, including seam allowances.

When you've got your center done, it's time for the next set of star points.

I chose to cut and use patterns A, B, F, and G, on the provided paper piece pattern, from the .pdf above.

On the left is my finished 6½ inch pastel block. This whole block was paper pieced.



If you don't like paper piecing, you can cut your pieces and sew them using the sizes in the chart to the right.

The chart on the right replaces the paper pieces you see in the picture above, surrounding my green and brown 3½ center star.


The layout chart above is what it looks like with a plain center square. D, E, and F are from the fabric cutting chart above, A, B, and C are from the fabric cutting chart below.

Last, if you're making the 12 inch block, you need one more set of star points, my darkest green that you see in the picture above.

The chart to the right shows the sizes of squares and triangles you need to surround your 6½ inch square.

When I made my 12 inch brown, cream and green block, I did NOT paper piece the last star points.

What will YOUR Rising Star block look like?

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