March 08

Half Square Triangle Swap

Here's a fun swap we can all participate in, and gain some very useful block units!

However many you bring to swap, that's how many you'll go home with. The finished size for our hsts will be 3 inches, so the ones you bring to swap need to all be 3½.

For this swap, your squares should have one side be a white-on-white fabric, and the other side be a clear tone on tone, solid, marble, or small print.

There's several ways to make hsts. If I'm making a few, then I'll cut two 4 inch squares of fabric. On the back of the light square, I'll draw a solid line from corner to corner, put the light and darker squares right side together, then sew ¼ away from on both sides of that line. Cut on the solid line, press open, and you have two matching half square triangles.

Above is a batch of block ideas for using your new half square triangles. Some of them combine squares or flying geese units with the triangle-squares. You'll also notice some of the designs have a lot of the same color units - I'm guessing that you'll make more after you come home with your scrappy variety you've swapped for. Don't forget, half square triangles also make great borders.

If I'm making hundreds of half square triangles, (like for that patriotic one that you'll see a picture of on the bulletin board) then I'll paper piece them, using a grid that I've printed off my computer. The trick is in getting them to print exactly the right size. ALWAYS try a sample print first, measure to check accuracy.

Here are links to gridded paper from that you can print out and use now! Check out the other neat articles and resources on Block Central too, I especially like the coloring pages.

1" Gridded Paper - Finishes to 1" and each sheet makes 24 half-square triangles.

2" Gridded Paper - Finishes to 2" and each sheet makes 12 half-square triangles.

3" Gridded Paper - Finishes to 3" each sheet makes 8 half-square triangles (the size we're using).

4" Gridded Paper - Finishes to 4" and each sheet makes 4 half-square triangles.

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