Block of the Month for March 2006


Here's an easy kite block I drew in EQ, for the breezy month of March. Since we've just had a paper piecing lesson during the mini-class in Feb. , why not try to paper piece the body of the kite?

If you prefer to applique, make your own design of a kite, 12½ square, unfinished, and we'll take both sorts of blocks!

Here's what our kite quilt might look like.

Let's make our palette white muslin or white on white for the background, and brights, batiks, or character prints for the kite and tail.

With the variety of fabrics we'll get, this will make a nice scrappy quilt or wall hanging for any age.

If you have EQ5, I will be happy to e-mail you the file, and you can print the paper piecing template for the body of the kite with your printer.

If not, the kite is an easy pattern to draw! Make a 6 inch square. Put a dot four inches down, on the left side line, and four inches over on the top line. Draw a line from these dots to the bottom right corner. Then draw a third line from dot to dot to divide the top and bottom half of the kite. Last, add a ¼ seam allowance to your kite block.

From your background material cut two 6½ squares, (not pictured), two 3½ squares, and four 2 inch squares.

Also cut four bright 2 inch squares to put in the tail.

Here's the two I just finished. I used 7 different fabrics in each block, if you count the white!
I keep thinking how cute this might look with light blue 'wind swirls' of quilting, in the white space on each block. :)

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