June 2012

Star Struck!

An easy block for us this month. Betcha can't make just one! The instructions I've given below are for the 12 inch size block.

If you have smaller scraps, or want to see a different way to do it that provides you with some bonus triangles, visit Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville site for some instructions to make an 8 inch version of the same block.




Here's templates for the two pieces, if you want them. Just remember, make sure your page scaling is set to 'none' before you print, so it'll print the correct size.

You can use the templates for cutting the triangles also. Or use your favorite method for making them. ;) I used my Accuquilt chisel and the matching triangle die to cut mine. No matter what method you use, your chisel shape with triangle sewn on should measure 6½ x 3½. Cut all of your chisels identical. You do NOT need both right and left slanting chisels.

Then, looking at the single block diagram above, simply sew a triangle to each chisel shape, to make your rectangles. Sew two rectangles together to make a square, and sew four squares together to make the block!

Now here's some coloring options for the Star Struck blocks. Be sure and look at the real quilts on Bonnie Hunter's website too (link above).

With several extra borders, these quilts pictured below use 30 blocks and are all ending up full or queen sized. Of course, if you want smaller throws or crib quilts, you could stop at six or twelve blocks instead.

A two color option in yellow and blue. This might look good in sports team fabric - like a Vols print orange fabric with white. Or U of M colors.
And on the right, a three color option.

How about one of these four color quilts?

And here's mine, 35 blocks, color controlled scrappy, because I didn't need or want to go buy fabric. I added one border to finish the hourglasses on the edge, and I plan to add two thin 1½ borders, then a six-inch wide pieced outer border.

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