June 2010

Three-Dimensional Star

Here's another paper-pieced star for you. ;)

It really IS the best way to get these long skinny points precisely done.

I chose a medium and a light fabric of two different colors for mine, then the background fabric.

When you print these, make sure you don't scale the paper. Click print, then look on the popup box for

Page Scaling: (make sure NONE is selected) Like this:

I could fit all the pieces for the six inch size on one sheet of paper, but if you're doing the twelve inch size, you'll need to print four pages.

If you're doing the 12 inch size, where it says Copies: change that to 4.

12 inch size:


6 inch size:


If you don't paper piece much, you might want to go here first:


Marcia has a great tutorial on how to paper piece, and goes into much more detail than I will. It's a good thing to practice with her block to gain confidence!

Cut your pieces of fabric and paper out (remember mine look little because I'm making the six inch size.)

The second thing I did was label my paper. L for lavender, O for orange, Y for yellow, and P for purple. I didn't want to get them mixed up, and sometimes the whole sew-on-the-front-fabric-on-the-back thing gets me confused.

The only other thing I wanted was to not have much bias on the edges of the block. So I was careful to have the long line on the white triangle along the straight edge of the fabric.

Then sew your wedges (one of mine is missing from the picture to the left, it's still in the sewing machine, but yes, you should have eight, not six!)


When your wedges are done, join them as I did in the picture below to make squares. Last, sew the squares together to make your block.

What will YOUR Three Dimensional star look like?

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