June 2009

President's Block (9½ inches unfinished)

A house for Sandy! Above is the simplest house quilt block I could draw on EQ that still had the four basic elements of a house; walls, roof, doors, window. Make the grass green, the sky pale blue or cream, the house elements, roof, walls, window and door any color you choose - but Sandy says she really LIKES blues and greens. Feel free to change the pattern, and add in a chimney or otherwise make it your own.

Sandy says she will take ANY 9 inch finished house block, any style. If you want to adapt a totally different pattern, feel free. Here's some suggestions:

Go look at the birdhouses from Marcia Hohn's Quilter's Cache. Her instructions make a paper pieced 12 inch block, but if you made that tall birdhouse just 9½ inches high, by lopping off the bottom, and swapped the round bird entrance for a door... then add fabric on either side till you have a 9½ block...

I've also gotten permission to link to this great house tutorial by a blogging friend of mine, Tonya Ricucci. She makes free pieced wonky houses, and was even featured in this March's Quiltmaker magazine. :) You could make a wonky house uniquely yours.

Cut the strips as I've marked them on the house above.

The only pieces not marked are the two half square triangles that make up the roof.

I plan to cut two 4 inch squares (one sky color and one roof color) then draw a diagonal from corner to corner on the lighter fabric, like the example to the right.

Then I'll sew ¼ away from that line, cut on the solid diagonal, press open and trim to 3½ square.

Sew the half square triangles first, then connect them to the center square. Add the strip of sky along the top.

Sew the window and door sections together, then add the sky strips on either side. Next, add the grass/dirt on the bottom.

Finally, sew the roof on the bottom of the house.

Press, trim to 9½ inches square, and you're done!

There's mine, on the left. But remember, Sandy wants all the houses to be different. What will your house look like?

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