July 2010

Memory Star

No paper piecing this time! Just squares and half-square triangles. Don't ask me why it's called the memory star - the only thing I could figure out is that empty square in the middle WOULD be a good memory or signature block.

I think I'm going to do mine as colored above; with yellow, lavender, and blue, a lighter and a darker shade of each, and a white background. But there's a multitude of ways this block can be colored.

I'm using half square triangle paper to do my blocks, that I printed from this free site online, they have both the 2½ size to make the twelve inch block, and the 1½ size to make the six inch version:


If you use the half square triangle paper, it replaces the center cutting instructions, the one with the diagonal cut that makes triangles.
It's a whole lot easier to make the little one-inch half square triangles for the six inch size block if you use the link and print the paper. More accurate, too, and you don't have to trim all the triangles.

First I made the four patch units. The corners got the squares and two half square triangles, the side units took four half square triangles.

After making four corner units and four side units, I added the middle square, then treated it like a nine-patch. Easier than it looks, isn't it?

Here's another coloring option for you, in blues and yellows. Someday I'd like to make a whole blue and yellow quilt. I'll add it to my list... :)

What will YOUR Memory star look like?

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