July 2009

Row Six - Ribbon Star

A simple nine patch block, but a neat ribbon or chain effect when you combine them in a row. Above is a scrappy version, with each star a different color.

We'll be making our star blocks 6½ inches unfinished, to finish at 6 inches.

  • If you're making a 36 inch wide quilt, you'll need only six blocks.
  • If you're making a 60 inch wide quilt, you'll need ten star blocks.
  • If you're making the 72 inch wide quilt, you'll need twelve blocks.

Lots of half square triangles here! They need to finish at 2 inches, if you're making a six inch block.

I prefer to use paper which I print free off the internet. Here's one site, Quilting and Whatnot, that has the two-inch size of half square triangle paper you will need:

2 inch hst paper

Make sure your computer prints the right size. Print one, and measure that little square in the upper right corner. It should be exactly 1 inch square.

Then for the center of the block, you'll need one solid 2½ square.

You can also cut 3 inch squares, draw a diagonal, and make your half square triangles two at a time, like we did for the house block, last month.

I use this method when I'm making scrappy half square triangles.

Pair two fabrics together, sew ¼ away from that center diagonal line you drew, cut on the solid diagonal, press open and trim to 2½ square. Trimming is important, if you want accurate hst blocks.

Then lay out your patches as in the diagram above, and sew together like a nine patch.

Press, then trim your ribbon star blocks to 6½ inches square.

Now sew your blocks together into a row, and you're done!

There's my row, in green and brown batik fabrics. I cut a 1½ inch strip of brown fabric, to add a skinny row of sashing onto the top and bottom of my row. That's one single block on the right, before I connected them and added the sashing.

What will your ribbon stars look like? Below are mine, attached just above my house and tree row, with Row One under the houses.

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