September 2011

Sweet Sixteen Series—Block Nine

All of the blocks will finish at 16 inches square, and have the same four patch in the corners.

The four patches are made with 2½ inch squares. Choose colors that have a lot of contrast, a dark with a light. If you made all the four-patches with us at the beginning of the series, you have a head start!

The instructions below do NOT include fabric for cutting the corner four patches.

If you're just joining us, this is a link to the introduction page.

This block is made with squares, rectangles, and half-square triangles. Here's the cutting diagram, read it carefully!

First, sew your twelve small flying geese units that make up the edge segments. Connect them together in sets of three.

Then make your eight half square triangles. Mine are green to white. You'll sew one half square triangle to one end of each rectangle, sew the other four to the 2½ inch squares. Check your angles carefully! It's easy to get one slanted wrong.

Next, sew these units you just completed to your corner four-patches. Add the center square, and your segments should look like the picture to the left.

Sew together and you're done!

Press. The block should now measure 16½ inches square.

If you've been making all the blocks each month, you should NOW have nine blocks completed. Here's where we are (but in your own colors, of course!)

This is the way *I* plan to lay out my quilt, with nine-patches in the sashing to match the four-patches in the block corners.

I also plan to leave off one of the four-patches in each of my corner blocks. If you'd like to do the same thing, start leaving one corner blank, swapping that corner four patch with a 4½ background color square.

If you want a smaller quilt, it'd also look good with 2½ sashing and one square instead of the nine-patch.

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