Row Quilt 2009

Here's row ONE!

Not necessarily the top row, in fact, this row, being only three inches high, is best for a spacer row, to sew between the rows you'll be making with taller blocks.

But it's also a simple row!

Start by cutting a couple of 4¼ inch squares.

Two dark (or medium,) and two lights.

Draw a diagonal line from corner to corner on the wrong side of your light fabric.

Pair a darker fabric with a lighter fabric, right sides together.

Now sew a quarter inch on either side of the line you drew.

Cut on the line you drew, between the two seams that you just stitched. You now have half square triangles.

Trim off the dog ears and press the seam toward the darker fabric.

Now repeat the steps above, but use your new half square triangles instead of plain squares.

Draw a line on one triangle, and pair it with another. Put a light half to a dark half just like I did, on the bottom of the photo to the right.

Then stitch on either side of the line you drew... and cut on the line between your seams. Trim your dog ears. (Of course, at my house, we prefer to call them cat ears.) Press.

You should have perfect 3½ inch quarter square triangle blocks.

Last, you have to decide how wide you want this quilt, and how you want to arrange your quarter square triangles.

  • If you're making a 36 inch wide quilt or wallhanging, you'll need 12 blocks.
  • If you're making a 60 inch wide quilt, you'll need 20 of them, and
  • If you're making a 72 inch wide quilt, you'll need to make 24 blocks.

Now how will you lay them out? Because I like color controlled scrappy, I chose to use three different green fabrics, and three different brown fabrics with my cream background. You can choose all scrappy fabrics or only two colors, like in my little example row at the top of the page.

To sew them together, for my row, I put a green next to a brown, all the way across... but I could have also used either of the layouts below, I almost chose the hourglass looking one instead. Which do YOU like better?

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