Row Quilt

Starting in January of 2009, we're going to try something different with our guild's block of the month. I'll be putting up a new row for each of ten months for a horizontal row quilt. You'll make the blocks in your color choices, for a quilt that you'll keep, so we won't be exchanging or having a drawing where one winner gets all the blocks.

Why ten months and ten rows? I figured I'd still have one month be the President's Block, and I also won't put a row up for next November, 2009, so you have more time to work on the retreat block or projects.

Some rows will be spacer rows, simple pieced blocks that are only 2 or 4 inches high. Some rows will be more complicated blocks, and you will have to make several blocks to go across your row.

I have been looking at lots of row quilts on the internet, for ideas. The ones that I like the best have a combination of block sizes, rows of 6 inch blocks, and rows with 4, 12, or even 16 inch blocks. I also like the ones where the sashing rows are both pieced and sometimes just a solid strip of color.

There might be both applique and pieced blocks. If you have any favorite block that you would like me to consider for the row quilt, please e-mail me or talk to me at a meeting.

On the right are some ideas that I've had already, colored in EQ in red, white and blue, as a Quilt of Valor. This was designed wallhanging size, so those three larger blocks were 12 inches square, while the pinwheels on the bottom were six 6 inch blocks.

I'll be giving you a choice of three widths of quilt. Of course, you can stop adding rows when your quilt gets long enough for whatever you plan to do with it!

I'll also be telling you each month what size the blocks for that row should be, and how many to make - if you ever want to make a different block than the one I've chosen, feel free to substitute a block of the same size if you want to!

Crib/wallhanging/tabletopper size

  • 36 inch wide rows

Twin/couch throw/snuggle quilt

  • 60 inch wide rows


  • 72 inch wide rows

Here's some more ideas I was playing with - can you see the rows that are the same in all three designs and the rows that I've changed?

You can choose whatever fabric combinations and colors you want. Just make sure you have a few choices that are dark, medium, and light in your selection.

Pastels, solids, florals, calicoes, brights, or black? Do you want to make this a Quilt-Pink quilt to give to a friend who is a cancer survivor? Or a child print baby quilt to have ready for the next baby shower you're invited to? Maybe use up some of that Christmas, Easter, or other seasonal fabric you've collected?

You can also choose to sew your rows together month by month as we do them, or save them up as rows until we have done all ten, so you can arrange them and add sashing strips in a way that pleases you best. I think we might even be able to have special prizes at the end of the year for participants who've lasted out the year and have a finished top in December.

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