Block of the Month

January 2006

Here's what one layout using these blocks might look like.

This one's traditionally called 'lanterns', and seems to have an almost southwestern feel to me.

For January's Block of the month, let's try another simple block. Here's the 'Delectable Mountain' block, and an easy method for making them.

The pallette will be medium or dark blues paired with white, pale tan, or cream for the light side.

That should give the lucky winner a collection of scrappy yet similar blocks to combine into a quilt.

1. Start by cutting two 10½ inch squares, one light, one in a medium or dark blue.

2. Stack your two squares, right sides together. Draw a diagonal line, corner to corner, on the light fabric.
3. Stitch ¼ away from the diagonal line, on both sides. Cut along the line you drew.

4. Open your two half square triangles, and press the seam toward the dark half.

Trim both squares to 10 inches square.

5. Stack your two squares, turning them so that a light triangle is on top of the dark triangle, RIGHT sides TOGETHER.
6. Cut your triangle stack in half, (above) making two 5x10 inch strips, then cut those in half, making four 2½x10 inch strips. (right)

7. Separate your strips, keeping the top square in one set, and the bottom square in another set.

Lay out your strips on a table, arranging them to make the Delectable Mountain block below. It might be easier to find the two dark, tall strips and put them in the center first, so that the two little triangles on the top touch, like mine. Sew together to finish the block.

Marge N. wants to remind you to put the cover back over the blade of your rotary cutter now that we're done cutting. Did you remember?


Here's the completed pair of blocks. Leave them as a pair, instead of sewing them together, so that the winner of the blocks will have more freedom to arrange them in a pattern she likes.

In a scrappy quilt, it might be nice to scatter the different blues around.

On the left is another traditional sample layout. Any of the layout patterns used for log cabin blocks work for the delectable mountain block too.

For our blocks, we're starting with 10½ inch squares. Each half should be 10x8½ inches, unfinished. If you're not sure about my instructions, and want to see another set of descriptions, pictures and layouts, that start with smaller, 8½ inch squares, go to

Quiltville's Delectable Mountain

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