Feb. 2008

Dutchman's Puzzle

This month, we're making flying geese segments, and combining them to make a Dutchman's puzzle block.

Make the big triangles black or black-on-black, and the rest of the block any color bright you'd like.

The block will finish at 12 inches, so the one you bring for the block of the month drawing should be 12½ square.

First, find a method you like for making the flying geese. You'll need 8 of them. Christine demonstrated a neat, no waste way of making these units at our last meeting, from the Patchpieces website:


And if you want, you can also try these more traditional instructions instead, from another of my favorite quilting sites, quilter's cache:


She also has paper piece templates on her website, if you prefer:


You may need to click on the picture and make it slightly larger before you print... make sure that test square measures 1 inch square on your printed copy before you start to sew!

Here's a sample layout that shows what a quilt might look like if the lucky block winner gets 16 blocks.

They look really nice on point and with black sashing too. :)

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