Block of the Month

February - March 2007

This month we'll be joining a Yahoo Groups initiative called the HeartstringsQuiltProject. The Heartstrings Project is a worldwide network of quilters.

They've set up a Heartstrings website, and developed guidelines that let quilters be involved in the project in different ways. Even quilters who chose not to belong to the HeartStrings Quilt Project online can contribute.

The neatest thing about Heartstrings is that the level of involvement is left up to the individual quilter. You can make one block, send it in, and be done. Or you can make 10 or 20 blocks to send in, OR a top. Heartstrings is developing a list of national and local charities that will benefit, like Project Linus, etc.

A guild can choose to not send their blocks in, but finish the quilts themselves, and give them to charities in their own hometown. All of our blocks will be used to make quilts for donation to Jody's President's Challenge.

Heartstrings only asks that we use a heart symbol somewhere on the label, and send them pictures of the finished quilts to put on their site.

Please read their BLOCK GUIDELINES that we'll be using so all our blocks will be the same size and fit in the same quilt top. Some basic reminders and hints are illustrated below:
Start with a 10 inch square of muslin. Put a 2 inch RED OR BLUE strip down the center diagonal of the block. Add a strip on both sides.
Keep adding strips of any size up to 3 inches. I go faster if I make several blocks at the same time. When I have several with three strings, I iron them all flat at once. Then I add 2 more strips to THOSE, and take my 5 strip sets to iron, etc.
When you finish covering your muslin, iron it one last time. Trim to 9½ inches.

Wasn't that easy?

Make several! Repeat!

You may use any 100% cotton quilting fabric you wish for the strips. I've got everything from Easter bunnies to Christmas prints in my blocks.

Take a look at the websites linked above for different ideas and inspiration. Jody will donate batting for any quilt tops that we make. :)

Need more instructions?

Go look at Bonnie Hunter's String Quilting Primer.

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