February 2015

Wild and Goosey or Eggs!

Have you noticed that I've changed the quilt to the left just a little bit?

I added the four Wild and Goosey blocks on the upper left corner, moved the large geese over, and took out one of the eggs.

I may take out both of the eggs on MY version of the quilt, and make two sets of four little Goosey blocks and put them all together on that top row, I haven't decided yet. :)

You could make two eggs instead, if you prefer that and like to applique.



First, here's the egg block.

It's a six inch finished block, so you'll need to cut a 6½ inch square of your background fabric.Here's a template for the egg and trim bands, although if I make it, I'll probably use scraps of rick-rack and maybe some polka-dot ribbon to decorate mine.


Please remember when you print either the pdf above or below that you remember to set page scaling to none, or UNCHECK fit to page, however your computer offers that choice.

The Wild and Goosey block is a free pattern from Quiltmaker. It makes a three inch block, so you need to make four if you want to make a six inch square, finished. Do you want all four to be different colors or the same? Your choice! Here's the pdf for that:


Remember, I'm going to assume that people attempting this block of the month project already know how to paper piece.

If not, or you want to review before starting, click on the link to go to Quilter's Cache, Marcia Hohn has some GREAT instructions on paper piecing.

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