February 2010

Strip Star

Here's an easy paper pieced star for February! First print or copy and cut out four of the rectangle patterns in the size you choose, and one of the center square patterns.

Remember, the patterns I gave out at the meeting don't show seam allowance! Like I did here, add at least ¼ to the edges when you're cutting them out.

Click on the links below if you want to print the patterns using your computer's printer.

SIX inch finished block: http://www.ucquilts.com/portable/6inppstripstar2.pdf

TWELVE inch finished block: http://www.ucquilts.com/portable/12inchppstripstar2.pdf

If you've never paper pieced before, you might want to go here first:


Marcia has a great tutorial on how to paper piece, and goes into much more detail than I will. It's a good thing to practice with her block to gain confidence!

Decide what fabric you want for each segment. Your center square can be the same as the small triangles or different, your choice.
Cut strips that are wider and larger than the stripe or triangle and include generous seam allowances. When making the 12 inch block pattern, I cut squares for my white background at about 7 inches, then cut on the diagonal to make my triangles. Better too big (trim later) than too small.

Your fabric goes right sides together on the BACK of your paper, with the lines on the top where you sew.

Remember, if you've never paper pieced before, try Marcia's tutorial, it explains things step by step, much better than I could.

Sew each stripe or triangle on, then flip down and press flat. When you get done, you should have 4 fabric covered rectangles like those below.

Look on the far right side of the picture above, on the green daisy fabric. Can you see how I sewed just half of the seam of my middle square to the small triangle edge of the rectangle?
Then , like I did on the left, open up your middle square, and match it to another of your rectangles. Again matching the center square to the small triangle, sew the whole seam this time, top to bottom.

Open that square up, match a third rectangle along the top, and sew that seam, like I did the part that's under my rotary cutter. Can you see the half seam in the picture to the right, where the square of paper is?

That half seam allows you to now sew the 4th rectangle on with no problems.

Here it is from the back, all seams sewn. At the end, of course, you have to finish that half seam you started earlier, and continue it down to the outer edge.


Then I tear the paper off, and voila, here's the 12 inch strip star (12½ unfinished) in my favorite green, brown, and cream.

What colors will YOUR strip star be?

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