Row Quilt 2009

Here's row TWO!

These baskets finish as six inch blocks, 6½ before you sew them together, of course. You can make your baskets all identical, or all from different fabrics, it's up to you. Remember that you can change the block too, if you want... if you enjoy applique, you might want to applique curved handles, rather than piece the pointy handles this block uses.

  • For a 36 inch wide quilt, you'll need to make 6 baskets.
  • If you're making a 60 inch wide quilt, you'll need 10 baskets.
  • If you're making a 72 inch wide quilt, you'll need 12 baskets.
Start with the bottom of the basket.

I almost chose to do green-brown-green for mine, then changed my mind and did every basket slightly different.

Cut inch wide strips of your basket fabrics. Sew them together into strip sets. Since I'm doing it scrappy, I cut strips 1½ by 7ish to sew together.

Trim all your strip-sets to 3½ x 6¾

Now you'll need to take a pencil or pen, and mark a small dot on the seam allowance of the bottom of your baskets.

Measure inches over from the bottom edge, see my little red circle? Then use a ruler and trim from that dot to the top corner of your strip sets.

This makes the angle for the bottom of each basket.

Do the same for right and left sides.

Now let's cut all the basket background fabric at the same time.

For the bottom of the baskets, you need rectangles 4¼ by 2¾. Half of them will need to be cut in a diagonal from bottom to top, and the other half in a diagonal from top to bottom. This makes the right and left sides.

And while you have your background fabric out, go on and cut some 4 inch squares and some inch squares for the handle part of the basket.

You'll need one 4 inch square for EACH basket you are making,

but the larger square makes the inside-handle triangle for FOUR baskets at a time.

Sew one of your long triangles on each side of your trimmed strip-set. The triangles are slightly too big, on purpose...

On the left, see how mine hang off the bottom and top of my strip sets? Open them out and press.

Finally, trim your basket bottom pieces to 3½ x 6½. You shouldn't have to trim any of the basket color off, just the background fabric.

Congrats! You're half done.

Cut some long 1 inch wide strips for your basket handles. Remember that 5¾ inch square you cut? Slice it on the diagonal twice to make 4 inside handle pieces.

Sew the 1 inch strip along both short, bias sides of the triangle. I chain pieced several at a time on the long strip. Because your handle color strip is NOT bias, it won't stretch too badly, but be careful and try NOT to stretch your triangle fabric.

Press and trim your handle strips even with the long side of the triangle, as in the picture to the left and below. I pressed the seams to the dark fabric.

Now you need the 4 inch squares of background fabric. Cut them on the diagonal once, to make two triangles.

Look at the picture to the left. See where the pink pen is pointing? Line that corner up with the corner of your triangle and sew a triangle to one side of your handle fabric.

Trim the dog ear that shows at the bottom of the picture, then sew the other side, matching the other corner.

Open the handle out and press. Trim the handle half of the block to 3½ x 6½.

You should now have a pile of handles and a pile of baskets. Sew them together.

Press, then if needed, trim the whole block to 6½ square.

Now you need to decide if you want anything IN your basket. Flowers, kittens, puppies? Fruits and vegetables?

It'll be easier to applique something on the baskets before sewing the row together.

I'd been planning to have only 3 colors in my quilt, greens, browns, and creams. But I didn't want green flowers, or brown... so I've put one single appliqued posy per basket. I put aside the 5 additional fabrics I used to make them, in case I want to have the same flowers on a vine... or trim on the houses,... or as small accents in any other blocks.

It'll still be mostly a three color quilt, but with little bits of color in some of the blocks, for visual interest.

To make a pattern for the flowers, I traced around a bobbin for the center, then traced around the bobbin 5 more times, for the petals, overlapping the lines slightly on the edges. Then I fused them down and used a small blanket stitch on my machine to sew them.

What will YOUR blocks look like?

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