December 2010

Diamond Star

It's December, and it's the last star of our star theme!

This block is called the Diamond Star, and is put together with simple squares and triangles.

If you want to paper piece these, (and if you're doing the six inch size, it's probably the best, most accurate way to make the block) first print your patterns:

When you're doing the twelve inch size, you may prefer to use a combination of rotary cut and paper piecing to make your block segments.

You can cut the pink and royal blue fabric squares the same size, from the chart below, then sew on the pale blue corner triangles, trimming off the royal blue that's under it.

Or you could choose to print the paper pieced patterns for the side segments, and use the line on the paper to add your background pale blue triangles.

Match the colors in the chart below to the block sample on the left.

It was easier for me to cut the darker blue side segments the same size as the center segments and trim them after piecing or paper piecing the lighter blue background triangles.

And finally, in the picture below, there's all twelve stars for 2010. My diamond star is on the top left. You can see I swapped out teal for the blue, and made my purple triangles darker, for more contrast.

What will YOUR diamond star look like?

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