August 2014


I don't think quilts should all look the same.

So, p lease feel free to flip the paper piece pattern for leaves and stem as you prefer, and arrange the tulips differently too!

On the left, you see the block with six tulips, and blue sky as a background. Below, you'll see the same block but with a beige background. Your choice.

I've chosen to make the four patch row under the tulips in two shades of green, like grass, but you're welcome to choose your own colors!

This block is 24 x 12 when it's sewn into the finished quilt, so 24½ by 12½ unfinished.

Six tulips, but only three patterns.

I divided the foundation patterns into separate pages so you can print the ones you like.

Mini Tulip.pdf

Medium Tulip.pdf

Tall Tulip.pdf

Remember, make sure that the options on your print dialog box that might say something like "fit to page" or "shrink to fit" are NOT checked before you click print.

When you've finished making your tulips, reward yourself with some easy four patches.

Remember, I'm going to assume that people attempting this block of the month project already know how to paper piece.

If not, or you want to review before starting, click on the link to go to Quilter's Cache, Marcia Hohn has some GREAT instructions on paper piecing.

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