August 2010

Radiant Star

Yet another partially paper-pieced star. ;)

This one is easiest to paper piece because of the odd sized bits you'd need. It's not your normal 9 patch. If you look close, you'll see it's not divided into nine equal parts, the edges are wider than the corner squares.

Again, make sure you don't scale the paper. Click print, then look on the popup box for Page Scaling: (make sure NONE is selected) Like this:

The pattern for the 6 inch block is one page,

but the 12 inch block took two pages.

6 inch size:

12 inch size:

If you don't paper piece much, you might want to go here first:

Marcia has a great tutorial on how to paper piece, and goes into much more detail than I will. It's a good thing to practice with her block to gain confidence!

This might be a good block to use a focus fabric with - that center square would look good with a fussy cut motif, wouldn't it?

To get the little triangles to stand out in your block, they need to either be darker or lighter than the fabrics they are next to.

I sewed the sides first, using the paper pattern, then paper pieced that middle square like a snowball block, adding the four blue corners.

For the 6 inch finished block, your corner triangles need to be cut 2¼ inches square.

For the 12 inch finished block, your corner triangles need to be cut 4 inches square.

Then, similar to last month's block, sew your nine segments together like a nine-patch.

I tried and tried to get a picture of this month's radiant star.

But someone wasn't cooperating.

I pitched him off, and he jumped right back.

In this last picture, I had his tail. That's an exceedingly dirty look he's giving me. :)

What will YOUR Radiant star look like?

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