August 2008

August is here and it's time for something simple! After the nine patch, the churn dash is one of the first blocks I learned. The applique heart dresses up this easy block just a little.

Make the churn dash block first, then applique your heart (or hearts!) on there. On the left are some possible heart layout examples.

Make the background yellow, the churn dash blue. Hearts can be any variation of red, maroon, mauve, pink, or purple.

Seam allowances are included.

Your finished block will be 6 by 6.

Here's the EQ cutting instructions for making the 6x6 churn dash:

Triangles for corners
Rectangles for sides
Yellow square for center

Here's how I made my blocks from the cutting diagram above. First, cut one yellow bit for the center at 2½ square, on the top right of the picture.

I prefer to use a paper grid to make my half square triangles, so I went to Block Central's page with the free grids and printed one that will make hsts. that finish at two inches. I only need 4, so cut a couple off the page I printed, then cut the fabric showing under my paper slightly bigger than 3x6 inches.

I also prefer to strip piece, so I cut the fabric for the sides of the block at 1½ inches high, like the EQ diagram shows, but I cut it a bit over 10 inches long, so I could sew the strips together, then subcut them into squares. That's the two long strips on the bottom of the picture.

I stacked the two fabrics for the triangles together and sewed them to the paper, then cut them apart. Then I sewed my two long strips together and sub-cut them to 2½ square.

After I take the paper off my last two half square triangles, my block segments are ready to be pressed and sewn.

This picture shows the basic block finished, but I still have to choose one of those fabrics (or I also have some red) to make my heart with.

I am leaning toward the flower print 4 inch square on the top right, but I may change my mind tomorrow!

Maybe I'll make two smaller hearts, and use two of these fabrics... or that hot pink at the bottom... or the purple on the top with a teeny red one next to it.

I don't really like hand sewing things, so I'll probably cut a heart out, stick it down with a smear of glue stick like Linda Poole showed us last year at retreat, then use a machine stitch to applique it down.


You may use any applique method for attaching the heart. By machine, fused, needleturned, etc., whatever you like best. The block you bring to the meeting should measure 6½ square.

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