Block of the Month - August
Clay's Choice is name of the block of the month that will be due for August. The palette will be sherbet or popsicle fruit colors, on a white background.

The two templates you need were sent out in the July newsletter, a square and a triangle. They were sized to make a 12 inch finished block. Squares are 3½, triangles are 3 and 7/8 inch.

  You need 8 triangles.
  You need 4 squares and 4 triangles.
  You need 4 squares and 4 triangles.

You may prefer to make all the half square triangles from 4 inch squares.

Put the fabric squares right sides together, and lightly draw a line from corner to corner, like the solid line in the diagram to the right, on the back of the lighter fabric.

Stitch ¼ from both sides of that line. (Dotted lines represent where you'd stitch.) Then cut on your diagonal line. Open your triangle-squares, press, and trim to 3½.

Some people like to use paper squares to draw on instead of marking on the fabric. When you sew through paper and the fabric, the diagonal bias doesn't stretch.

You can draw one square precisely to size, then use a copier or printer to make more.

Here's some more color choices for you, and a sample of what our August Block of the Month quilt might look like with peach sashing and green corner stones.

What are YOUR favorite sherbet and popsicle flavors?

You can also align squares together like on the grid above, if you're making a quilt with a lot of identical half square triangles. Cut two big pieces of fabric to fit under the grid, then stitch all the dotted lines at once, in a figure 8 pattern.

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