April/May 2015

Double X and Four X Star

Two 12 inch blocks for the next two months.

We're getting close to done! If you'll notice in the quilt design to the left, I've been changing the layout slightly to reflect the completely designed blocks.

I've made a pdf for each of the blocks, see below.

Here's the Double X block. It finishes at 12 inches.

I've included both rotary cutting measurements and paper piecing pages, however you want to do it.


Paper piecing pdf if you prefer doing it that way:

Double X pdf

you may need to add seam allowance to that square in square, it will be a tight fit to print on an 8½ sheet of paper.

Please remember when you print a pdf that you need to set page scaling to none, or UNCHECK fit to page, however your computer offers that choice.

The Four X Star is weird only because it's five by five rows in a twelve inch block. The cutting is a little persnickity, so I've again offered both rotary cutting sizes and an optional paper piecing pdf.

Four X Star pdf

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