April 2014

Block of the Month Intro and Pinwheels

BOM Philosophy

I don't think quilts should all look the same. In that spirit, innovations are great. If you see me offer a block one month and think "Eww, I don't like that one!" then you're always free to swap it out for a different block. Same thing goes for colors.

On the left is my current version of where I'm going with this. If you've seen a previous version, there are already some changes, I've taken out the littlest rabbits and stripes, added some tulips, moved some eggs. I reserve the right to change my mind frequently!

Yeah, there are going to be some little pieces.

Still in?

We're starting with a simple, paper pieced block. They finish at 4 inches (4½ before you sew them together) and you'll need to make six of them.

Here's the link to print the pages:


Remember, make sure that the options on your print dialog box that might say something like "fit to page" or "shrink to fit" are NOT checked before you click print.

I'll also offer options for each block, so you'll have some choices. There's several ways to change up these pinwheels.

Look at the quilt below. The first row has all six blocks the same, two shades of the same color.

On the second row I've placed the dark and the light pink triangles in alternate positions. Can you tell the difference?

The third row has each pinwheel a different color, but still sticking with a light and a dark shade of each color.

The fourth row, each pinwheel contains six colors, AND they're rotated within each block.

How will you do YOUR six pinwheels?

I'm going to assume that people attempting this block of the month project already know how to paper piece.

If not, or you want to review before starting, click on the link to go to Quilter's Cache, Marcia Hohn has some GREAT instructions on paper piecing.

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