April 2010

Pinwheel Star

When is a star also a pinwheel? When it's a quilt block!

This one goes together very much like last month's block, only the center and coloring has really been changed. It looks so different because of the octagonal medium color behind the star.

You'll probably want to use 4 distinct fabric colors for this one, the darkest for the pinwheel vanes and star points.

Here's the cutting diagram for making a 12 inch block.

Colors used match the navy, turquoise, and blue block above.


Notice this color version has a medium pink for the octagon, and the lightest colors are the white corners and the yellow center.

The version at the top had a medium where I have yellow, and a light color, the turquoise, for the octagon. All in what you decide you like the best.

Here's the cutting diagram for making a 6 inch block.

Colors used match the pink, yellow and blue block above.

Even when I know exactly where I'm going with my block layout, I still arrange the pieces in the shape they'll be, before I start sewing.

It really does help to limit the amount of unsewing I do!

Plus, if for some reason I cut a triangle the wrong size or something, it's nicer to catch it at this point than after I start sewing.

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