Block of the Month April 2007

Jody's President Block

It's been a tradition of the Uncommon Threads Quilt Guild to make a block for the outgoing president. Some of them have been signature blocks, some haven't. Here's the one Jody's picked. Her colors are cream, bright red, and dark brown.

She wants the cream colored center to be double-thick, so the brown and the red seams won't shadow thru the middle. There's several ways she's suggested you can do this, use fusible web/mesh to iron two cream squares together, use a few dots from a gluestick, or run a small basting stitch around the squares, in the seam allowance.

You'll want to cut 4 long rectangles, two red and two brown,that measure 2½ x 4½,

four 2½ squares, two in red and two brown,

and TWO cream squares, stuck together, and trimmed to 4½ square.

Sew each red square to a brown square, and sew each red rectangle to a brown rectangle. Press seams to the dark brown.

Then, looking at the block sample above for color placement, sew the red/brown squares on both sides of the doubled cream middle. Then add the rectangle strips to the top and bottom.

Remember, before you sign it, she wants the red portions of the block to be on the upper left and bottom right. :)

Sign it with a permanent fabric marker. She says you can put your name, a message, the date, whatever you want!


Here's what a finished quilt layout might look like, using Jody's blocks.

Blocks should measure 8½ inches square when you finish them. Once sewn together into a quilt, they'll measure 8 inches square.

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